The Future Sound of Mexico vol. 1

This compilaton reunites stablished aswell upcomming producers in a same level to give us a more wide view to the true underground scene in Mexico, from a very diverse sounds that goes from the IDM, Dubstep, Jungle, Future Bass, Trap, Trip-hop, Glitch, Breakbeat, Footwork and Synthwave and many more, each track is an example of the unique sound of every project.
It is important to closely follow up all this projects as they are the future of the music in Mexico, Latinamerica and the world.

Este compilado reune a productores reconocidos tanto como emergentes por igual para dar a conocer una vista un poco mas amplia del verdadero "underground" del pais, pasando por una amplia gama de sonidos que van entre el IDM, Dubstep, Jungle, Future Bass, Trap, Trip-hop, Glitch, Breakbeat, Footwork y Synthwave cada tema es una muestra del sonido unico de cada uno de estos proyectos.
Es importante seguir de cerca a todas y cada uno de estos proyectos ya que son y seran parte del futuro sonido de la musica en Mexico, Latinoamerica y el mundo.


01.Jae Wheeler - Neon Lights
02.Humano Transparencias - FinalJumpToTheAbsoluteLove
03.Chawer - Heal Your Soul
04.Somatoast - Bear Brains (Onotoc remix)
05.Dromme - Horizon
06.Digital Trip - Metztli and Akbal
07.Ninasonik - Burning In The Sky
08.Ghetto Chip - Copycat
09.Cubicle - Out of Control
10.Bandido - Ser Agua
11.Haboo Dubz - The Red Jelly
12.Pio Rapture - The Something
13.Fonobisa - Heavy Metal
14.Technic Trouble - Orbe
15.Rifhes feat. Oby - Bright
16.Ninive - Perspective
17.Cowoc - Quiscalus
17.RTX - Novo Tempo
19.Dfender - Amarillo
20.Boiyamyaz - Swinging

TKSET015 | Construktor - Piezas Sueltas

Construktor comes forward with this new pack of deep and fresh new atmospheric and minimalistic drum and bass cuts. Take a journey to the most futuristic ambiences and hi-tech break structures.

download and tracklist comming soon...


Se titula el mas reciente album de Rifhes, destacado productor mexicano de musica electronica en el cual se refleja su madurez musical asi como su calidad como productor, el album consta de 13 piezas y es mas que un homenaje al #cyberpunk es completamente una historia del futuro no muy distante; influencias como el post-rock, el #grunge y el #punk estan muy presentes en este trabajo asi como su inevitable fusion con los beats electronicos de corte futurista y atmosferas de neon con sintetizadores retro.


Dfender (live)


Rifhes (live)


NEUROMANCER by Rifhes (teaser)


Atravez de Natura Electronica


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La Santa Chora Smoke Shop
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Neuromancer is the title of the most recent album by Rifhes, the album consists of 13 pieces and is more than a tribute to cyberpunk is completely a history of future not very distant; Influences such as post-rock, grunge and punk are very present in this work as well as its inevitable fusion with futuristic electronic beats and neon atmospheres with retro synthesizers.

Released by a new strange social network called undrnet, here is the micro-site of the album:


TKR006 | Dark Heroes EP


Product of the unrestrained mind of musician and producer Rodrigo Alvarez alias Blokone (also known as Rainforest) In direct collaboration with Techkilla Recordings arrives with the epic album Dark Heroes.

A set of brand new themes that work and sound with great genius both together and separately.
An auditory journey through this incredible future so idealized since the 80s but only a few of us gain access.

This journey is not only limited to the dimensional time of our world Ju-Neptune is a clear example of this. This is probably the reason why it is the longest track and depth of the album.

An album in which there is also room for highly sensitive moments that are willing to play with perceptions, like those that gives us "Sense Of The Senseless" the third theme and that later will give step to "Soulkeeper" a cold and precise theme that takes us through different directions just by hearing its beginning.

Each theme proves to be a feat, brave beats for heroic sequences. I suggest leaving for the end, the title track, so that it is a kind of call or message to all those heroes to come out of the darkness behind their villains who are still loose around.

Producto de la infrenable mente del músico y productor Rodrigo Alvarez Blokone (tambien conocido como Rainforest) en colaboración directa con Techkilla Recordings llega el épico álbum Dark Heroes.

Un conjunto de temas que funcionan y suenan con gran genialidad tanto juntos como por separado.
Una travesía auditiva por ese increíble futuro tan idealizado desde los 80s pero al que solo unos cuantos logramos acceso.

Esta travesía no solamente se limita al tiempo dimensional de nuestro mundo Ju-Neptune es una clara muestra de ello. Muy probablemente esta sea la razón de porque es el track de mayor duración y profundidad del álbum.

Un álbum en el que también hay espacio para momentos sumamente sensitivos que están dispuestos a jugar con las percepciones, como las que nos regala "Sense Of The Senseless" el tercer tema y que más tarde dará paso a "Soulkeeper" un frio y preciso tema que nos lleva por diferentes direcciones con solo escuchar su inicio.

Cada tema demuestra ser una hazaña, beats valientes para secuencias heroicas.
Sugiero dejar para el final, el tema que da título al álbum, para que así sea una especie de llamado o mensaje a todos esos héroes a que salgan de la oscuridad tras sus villanos que siguen sueltos por ahí.

TKEP030 | Smooth Operator - Grounded EP

Smooth Operator is a music project from David Bervera and Lee Garcia, they both decide to cross deep atmospherics with some neurofunk influences.

For this release Smooth Operator bless TECHKILLA Recordings with two pices of progressive and deep atmospheric drum and bass with some neuro bass infection.

Grounded it is harmonious and melodic, like a light and wide breeze that spreads impregnating every second of what seems to be aromas, crystalized sounds, the peal of hundreds of tiny icebergs of light ice, hanging inside an immense arctic cave. 

And when I first heard KWL it was a completely different kind of sensory alteration. Now it is like we hear the chorus (or crying) of thousands of whales who ask NOT to be evaporated as well and as they are transferred to another dimension, a place far from this planet and it's universe. Watery frequencies flooding both planes. 

Without doubt an album with possibilities to expand at least a little more. We will definitely wait to receive more of this duo and his special material. Another feature of this release is that is 432hz tuned for better aural pleasure.

SOLARIS Release Party

SOLARIS Release Party


Este Sabado 11 de Febrero en Deeper Techno Club presentamos el lanzamiento del video oficial de Solaris asi como la presentación del nuevo álbum de TECHKILLA Recordings.

Este album recopila remixes y colaboraciones entre Rifhes y Construktor pero además cuenta con un sonido muy especifico que logra reunir elementos que no se dan comúnmente en los asperos terrenos del bass music y la electronica experimental: misticismo, oscuridad pero al mismo tiempo matizado con tonos bastante calidos, vocales, instrumentos acústicos y progresivos arreglos de sintetizadores, todo esto sumergido en profundas lineas de bajo y cambiantes estructuras de ritmos quebrados.

Escucha Solaris EP via TECHKILLA:

En exclusiva el video oficial de Solaris



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TKR005 | Solaris EP

TKR005: Solaris EP

In this our fifth album we deliver four master pieces result of the collaboration between Construktor and Rifhes between 2011 and 2013 this tracks haven't seen the light until this year when 4 tracks finally get mastered and released by TECHKILLA.

Solaris is a warm deep vocal neurofunk track featuring the singer and songwriter Alanis Monserrat and the heavy rolling bass and constant changing beats by Rifhes and progressive and detailed synths and guitar arrangements by Construktor.

Dune a tribute to one of the most classic and inspiring sci-fi movie from all time original track composed by Construktor and remixed by Rifhes.

Japan Air is an hybrid between atmospheric drum and bass aesthetics and a twist of electro rolling neurofunk defenetly an interesting result in the evolution of the breaks based music.

Asagaz and Rifhes made this legendary tribute to Blade Runner in 2005 with the release of the original track in TECHKILLA net-label now we have a years ahead in the future the reworked same vision by Construktor.

_ Artwork by 963design

DECLARE INDEPENDENCE // Mexican Bass Music Fest

Reunimos a varios de los mejores productores de bass music de Mexico, mas la presencia de un invitado especial para festejar el grito de la independencia como solo se podia hacer en Jalisco y al estilo del TECHKILLA.
Una noche con los generos y lines de bajo mas potentes de la musica electronica: Trap, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Ragga Jungle y mas!
La fecha es el mero Viernes 16 de Septiembre de 2016 en la ciudad de Guadalajara, el lugar
C3 Stage (Av. Vallarta #1488)
Masa Dnb (N.T.C. Venezuela)
IsaacMaya (Jungle Cakes - Lion Dub - Low Freq MX)
Rifhes (TECHKILLA Recordings - Universal Talents)
Construktor (TECHKILLA Recordings - Soulridaz)
Sai Seven (TECHKILLA Recordings - Mindplayers)
Tropical Punch (TECHKILLA Recordings - Triangulo Gris)
(entrada libre antes de las 12)
confirma tu asistencia o envia tu nombre a para estar en lista de invitados